Day 11 – Unproductive… Irrational

Today was supposed to be such a productive day. And then my brother bought me Antichamber on Steam. I told myself I’d give it a quick try, but instead I have been in and out of the game all day long.

Screen shots of the game really do not do it justice. The graphics are fairly simple white corridors with black geometry outlines and some splashes of colours in the lighting and cubes scattered throughout the “chambers” of the game.

What makes the game engrossing is the mind-bending things it does with that simple visualisation. You see… space… it bends and warps.

Taking four right turns doesn’t return you where you started.

Not always.

Sometimes it takes turning 1440 degrees to get back to the start.

Sometimes when you do not look, the world changes behind you.

Sometimes chasms are floors, and walls are like air.

And then there are the pithy quotes scattered in little vignettes on the walls of the maze. The totality of the game has a sort of menacing yet thought-provoking quality about it.

It’s like the game plays my mind, instead of the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Unproductive… Irrational”

  1. On the up-side… it has broken my streak of OCD playing of The Binding of Isaac, which is warped in a whole ‘nuther way.

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