Day 16 – Birthday Present – II

My grandmother and my parents were a bit behind on their gift-giving. Giving gifts from the Netherlands to Australia isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be. Instead of giving gifts they transferred some money and are now relying on me taking care of the actual buying part of this transaction.

There are many things that’d be useful.

Or fun.

Or both.

But the one thing that has been stuck behind hesitation on the shopping list for the longest is a good DSLR. A very good DSLR.

Canon 6D - Back
Canon 6D – Back

Not that long ago Canon released their latest prosumer DSLR camera… the Canon 6D. The first entry-level prosumer with a full-size sensor inside.

It’s light, it’s powerful, it has frikkin’ WiFi and GPS built into the camera.

And there is an app.

There is a free Android app that can connect to the camera via WiFi. The app acts as a view-finder. Which means the Android app will show the settings and the image the camera sees, allowing me to tweak the settings from anywhere before taking the shot. I’m not sure what all the uses of that might be yet, but I’m kinda curious to find out.

Canon 6D - Top
Canon 6D – Top

And then there is the fact that we have a whole group of friends with DSLRs; I think we will be having road-trips with many cameras in tow. I think I’ll mostly be crap at first. But I think there are some books about photography on my shelf I haven’t had a chance to read yet.

If this turns into a reality, I think you may have to suffer through me occasionally posting about my experiences trying to learn to take decent pictures.

But failure is entertaining isn’t it?

I plan to be entertaining.

5 thoughts on “Day 16 – Birthday Present – II”

  1. One of the uses of the App could be something I created for my Minolta/Sony collection some time ago: Precise remote timed triggering of multiple devices. I’ve not put it into much action, as my presence at (and time for) the student-dancing events was already dwindling then.
    But that could be a very powerful tool to make very awesome shot-series of a pre-planned moving event. If the App allows such control of more camera’s (which one can undoubtedly borrow in this road-trip-taking group). If it doesn’t: Feature request?

    Or you can just use it as a much more powerful remote trigger for the more elegant selfies of yore. Yore, wasn’t that a Tuesday?

    1. Yore is at least as far back as the weekend. And I’m not sure if anyone else has a WiFi-enabled EOS… but that’s an awesome idea!

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