Day 41 – Four Days is Not Enough

Four days of leave over a long weekend is not enough. But only on the last day; Sunday morning felt luxurious when my mind had decided that I had already spent my quota of down-time for the weekend. Two extra days feels like a lot at that time. But on the last day it’s just never enough.

Still, four days has been enough to:

  • Do all the usual weekend chores around the house
  • Play an extra video game or two
  • Go on two trips trying to take sharp photos
  • Clean out my backlog of bookmarks to manageable levels
  • Have 8 coffees
  • Wonder what to do with the second half of my last day

My next holiday will be longer though. Because four days isn’t enough to start something actually substantial, like complete research into an in-depth post on an interesting topic, or define and start the development project that has rattled around in my head for some time, or go on an actual trip without feeling rushed back to work afterwards.

First thing to do tomorrow: book a few weeks over Dec/Jan somewhere. Right after making sure all reports that are due by noon are complete.

2 thoughts on “Day 41 – Four Days is Not Enough”

    1. “Luckily” I see my emails come in on my mobile, so I know what is waiting for me. I just don’t respond to anything that can/must wait while I am away.

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