Day 43 – Jaymes Diaz

I forgot to take a snapshot myself; I didn’t think to until I was already in the car driving on to work from my morning coffee stop.

The thing is; at the same time Mr. Jaymes Diaz wasn’t showing up for his Greenway Election Forum this morning, there was a flesh-and-blood person outside my coffee haunt in Stanhope Gardens bearing more than a casual resemblance to Mr. Diaz (Hint: it was Jaymes Diaz).

I didn’t find out about his forum no-show until I was at work, but I guess after his worldwide-publicised gaffe earlier this month, he decided that chatting one-on-one with the occasional passer-by that was prepared to stop was actually a safer way to spend the morning than standing in front of a questioning audience in Blacktown.

Funny that.

3 thoughts on “Day 43 – Jaymes Diaz”

  1. …as long as you don’t try to ask him about any policies! Astounding that he might still get in.

    1. It looks interesting, but I couldn’t get the playback links to work just now. I’ll have to explore further at a later date 🙂

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