Day 44 – Lost My Legs

Tonight I was in my second Pump class since my long streak of horrendously missed classes. Last week I took it a bit easy on myself, but this week surely I’d be back up to full speed, right?


I think the squats and lunges killed my legs. As I came out of the class I worried I was going to stumble and collapse in front of Holly. You can never show weakness to gym buddies because they are merciless 😉

And there’s some good news there… sounds like she’ll be able to keep up her gym habit for a while longer. She’s keen to throw some cycling on top of the weights classes, and I never say no to a challenge, so here we go!

I just may end up draped on the couch a bit more often.

Not that this is a bad thing either. Just letting everything relax with the dull ache of the exercise still in my legs feels just great to me. I guess it’s that natural exercise high.

I’ll sleep well in any case.