Day 50b – Winner x2

Okay, so I wasn’t cheating in the game before, although my pacifism was causing Ken some grief. I was however cheating a little with my post, but here is the make-up post to settle that debt.

I ended up winning both games of 7 Wonders we played. This time we had two expansions included, which added a bit of time and complexity to the games we played.

What is annoying about this game is that you start the first turn with a hand of 8 cards (7 in the base game), and you get to play one card of the hand and then the rest of your hand gets passed along to your neighbour. Both games there were hands we wanted to keep completely… so you end up calculating which cards you may get back after they have been around the table, and which cards you have to get rid of so your neighbour cannot play them.

In the first game, I ended up hiding the bricks that Ken and Abbey needed to get into the later stages of building their own wonders, which proved very effective. In the second game I was less devious, but equally effective by picking a simpler strategy… I think they were expecting sneakiness and thereby didn’t notice how quickly I was accumulating simple points.