Day 54 – Bunnies on the Keyboard

Dust bunnies that is.

The day has been very gloomy and dreary so far. I’ve worked (playing, shhhh!) in the study all day with the blinds wide open.

Then suddenly… the sun pokes out, streams into the room and reveals the horrible truth to me! My corner has accumulated mountains of dust since the last time I cleaned. I’m not even going to try to remember when that was.

For a moment my first thought was: arrrgh, quick, close the blinds and it’ll be all okay again.

Then my second thought was: can I just wipe the obvious dust bunnies away and forget about the rest?

In the end, Resolute Jerry won the day. I got myself a cloth and a basin of water and wiped everything down. I’m sure I’ll be grateful to myself for the next… let’s say 6 months. And then it’ll be winter and the sun won’t show the horrible truth for another 6 months.

(Or maybe I’ll try being a bit more pro-active about this… I am a manager now after all, and I hear pro-active is all the rage)

Results of my Labours
Results of my Labours

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