Day 74 – Lazy Day… Really

Today I feel completely lazy.

Most of the day I have been very passive, and still my eyes feel like I should be sleeping instead. I know they are lying, because I napped for at least an hour and half in the middle of the day. And I actually slept plenty last night.

The day even started late with my morning coffee at 11-ish. I got some new nasal spray to deal with the inevitable fallout of a windy day like this. It makes my hay fever flare up, but I’m all set now.

Two episodes of Breaking Bad season 3 didn’t do much for my activity level either. And then I spent an hour in bed reading A Song of Ice and Fire part 319, whilst trying to stare out the window for wandering passers-by. This is when I fell asleep, so if there were any wanderers, I probably missed them.

And now I’m sitting at my computer procrastinating and daydreaming.

I need to do something for my energy levels.

Maybe I should go for a walk soon and see if that kick-starts my brain into doing something. Otherwise I’m afraid this day will just be a lazy write-off.