Day 101 – Smart Weighing

And another toy arrives!

Yesterday a card left in the mail announced that there had been nobody to sign for delivery. So this morning before work, I made a quick detour via the local post office.

After a quick dash back to the car I ripped the shipping satchel and the bubble wrap to briefly peek into the box. I wanted to make sure that if battery purchases would be needed I could make them during the day.

All this adds up to the delivery of my brand new FitBit Aria Wifi-enabled Scales!

So Simple, So Smart
So Simple, So Smart

Now I can just step onto the scales in the morning, wait a few moments, and then my weight and body fat percentage will zip through the Wifi back to my dashboard before I make it halfway up the hallway.

No more short-term memory needed!

As soon as my foot makes contact with the scales they kick into action.

Apparently it can also recognise who steps on the scales and identify up to 8 people using the system. I have no idea how it works this out, but there must be something in the measurements that can serve as a signature of sorts. I am curious, but not curious enough to research it right now… as long as it works!

As soon as I got to my dashboard it congratulated me on all the weight I have lost since July when I set up the account. Apparently none of the measurements I manually entered in that period count towards badges. The software has wisely decided that it cannot trust the user to be truthful about their weight.

Packaged very Neatly
Packaged very Neatly

Before all that, the set-up took some doing though. The instructions are fairly terse, and my Wifi networks are password protected or invisible.

First, I started from my desktop machine. Log in to FitBit account… check. Enter name for new device, and enter my initials for the scales… check. Disconnect from Wifi, and connect to scales Wifi to continue setup… uhm… what?

Apparently, integral to the set-up process is a connection to the web server inside the scales to set up its connection to the network.

I feel a little odd using the phrase “web server inside the scales”. This world we live in is a magical place indeed.

Anyway, I decided to switch to my phone for the rest of the process… which failed. I could connect to the scales, but switching devices halfway through is apparently not the way to go.

Okay, I don’t want to enter my complex FitBit password on the phone. Let’s try the downloadable app…

… misery!

I got the set-up app installed on my laptop, and connected to the scales, and it said it was sending network details, and… hang. Again. And again. And again.

I tried every permutation I could think of. Maybe the open guest network? Nope. Maybe if I enable the Wifi on the modem and use that? Nope. Searching the FitBit forums for help suggested turning off the firewall, using 802.11b, using… Nope, Nope, Nope.

And then I found an unboxing video that made it all look so easy and seamless using nothing more than a mobile.

And Connected!
And Connected!

So I went back to square one, opened the browser in my phone, meticulously copied my complex password… and followed the instructions.

And home run first try!

I have no idea what is wrong with the PC-based installation options, but it’s very poor that none of those earlier attempts provided error messages or feedback that was sufficient to indicate what the problem was. Clearly there was nothing wrong with any of the technology involved because it worked first try when I stuck to my phone.

But now all is forgiven.

It works, and it is remarkably easy.

All my measurements end up timestamped in the dashboard as well, so I can even weigh myself multiple times a day without getting a confusing graph. And getting body fat numbers is equally interesting and dismaying.

Now I have another goal to strive for!

I have no idea what the various body fat percentage ranges on Wikipedia actually equate to in practical reality, but I’ve settled on a 15%-ish target for now, from a current 20%-ish.

I’ll do some more research later.

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  1. Very interested person here since I cancelled the scales order I intended to combine with the Flex. Also our home collects scales already. I will wait till the company discount for that next order.

    1. They are very convenient. I’ll do another post once I have an idea of how well they work, and whether they are worth the money.

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