Day 116 – Almost Missed It

It is sheer luck that I didn’t forget to blog tonight.

I was halfway through Prometheus, getting some laundry out to hang (I am an expert multi-tasker), and it somehow popped in my head that I had forgotten to do something important. I had a quick panicked look on the clock only to notice I had 30 minutes left.

I briefly wondered what I would have done had I missed it. Catch up with a Mea Culpa? Or take it as a sign to change my blogging premise, and focus on something that will help build a bigger audience?

But who needs audiences really anyway.

Or rather; I don’t need an audience as such for the purpose of my blogging to be satisfied so far. The primary goal I was striving for was to get better at writing, and to try to do something interesting every day. I think I’m succeeding at least at one of those.

I didn’t quite spend today as I had intended. Plan A was to go take pictures at Sculptures By The Sea, but that fell through. Plan B was to see Gravity, which also fell through. So, I executed Plan C for Chores.

I started my day having a stab at cleaning the inside of the car.
It is at least somewhat presentable now that it has slightly less of the dog, and slightly less of my spilled coffee, and slightly less of decades of dust.

Then I decided to shop around for a replacement setup for the living room. I’m getting rid of the PC, and replacing it with a new amplifier and BluRay player for now. I’ll add a QNAP for media-centre back-end at some later date.

Most of the evening went to setting it all up, but I’m quite pleased with the result. Now all the living room needs is wooden floors and a new lounge and I could have guests over without being too embarrassed. 😉

Which then brings me back to Prometheus. My excuse is that I need to test the new set-up. Which is the reason I’m sticking with for now.

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