Day 129 – I Don’t Feela-like-Walkin’

I can see my step count steadily sliding down the chart.

Unless I take up pacing up-and-down the hallway for a hobby, I can’t see me getting much walking in when the weather is what it is.

There are exactly two circumstances in which I don’t mind walking in the rain:

  1. When it is on my way home where a hot shower is waiting
  2. When someone is specifically in the rain braving it with me

So, unless anyone volunteers?


Thought so!

I’ve found a few rainy songs for the occasion.






4 thoughts on “Day 129 – I Don’t Feela-like-Walkin’”

  1. Ended up with the green “playtime bars” fully lit with Mika and j.Boog. Next in descending order: Mike, Travis and Duffy.
    Liked ALL MIKA songs at spotify. He’s my winner. Zijn songs doen dat speciale met mij: opwellende glinstering in mijn ogen die soms over ‘t randje van het ooglid wil druipen. GREAT.
    Oldfield kan dat ook wel een beetje bewerkstelligen..

  2. Did I judge MIKA or someone else? Forget about my previous comment. I’m apparently too new to spotify to understand what’s p[laying 🙂 :).

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