Day 139 – Squaffins and Stuff

I didn’t quite make 10k steps tonight, despite coming quite close. I’m blaming the class that didn’t show. Essentially I got a private class tonight because I was the only one there. On the upside I got personalised advice which was great.

I had warmed up quite extensively on the treadmill beforehand though, so I did get about 9k, which isn’t bad. And I got a squats challenge which I’m sure makes up for the remaining 1000 by the feel of it.

Cycle tomorrow.
I guess pacing myself is not a bad idea.

On the way home I discovered that it’s already December. The first I noticed is that everybody seems to be really into blue Christmas lights this year. I hope we get some nice decked out neighbourhoods so I can take the camera for a walk and capture the season in full glorious lighting.

Square Muffins apparently... isn't it obvious?
Square Muffins apparently… isn’t it obvious?

And then when I started writing this post, I learned that I’d never shared the above image from the gym. It really deserves its own post, but it’s too overdue for that now.

I felt really stupid when the response was “They are Square Muffins”. But I’m not entirely sure I should have been able to guess. It seems both obvious and insane at the same time. Which is all the more reason I should have gotten it myself.

Day 138 – Planning a Build

Today, a first attempt at video production. It’s a bit primitive; no audio. My goal was to find out the recording quality and whether I could get it through my available tools into a shape that would work on YouTube.

I’m going to build a gingerbread house based on a design for an actual house. So my first step was to print out the floor plan and exterior image so I can work out all the required baking.

The video below deconstructs the floor plan into a set of surfaces I will need. My next step will be to calculate all the dimensions for the various surfaces before cutting them out of cardboard as a template for the baking process.

As you can see, I’ve numbered all the surfaces as well. I don’t want to get my walls mixed up during construction.

Gingerbread Inspiration

I was browsing for an image of a house in Google suited to Gingerbread construction, when inspiration struck. I should re-create a home design from a builder at Homeworld in gingerbread.

After a little browsing I have settled on this design:

Yanderra by Rawson Homes
Yanderra by Rawson Homes

The good thing about this is that there are several facades to choose from for my project, and the site comes with floor plans to help me get the dimensions right.

I do believe that Rawson should give me this house to help with this project.