Day 190 – Long Walks on the Beach

I had access to a beach today, and I made good use of it. Twice!

This morning I went out to take some pictures with the DSLR. I have no idea how they turned out yet. I’ll spend some time sorting through the (hopefully) good results tomorrow. I had hoped to get further along the beach than I did, but there was a canal that superficially looked like not much of an impediment. Alas, standing on the edge it proved to be about waist-deep and I hadn’t dressed for that kind of crossing. More over I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep the camera dry if I jumped in. It was only a couple meters across, but still.

So I returned home and read Raising Steam by Pratchett, which was enjoyable, but not his best work I think. Paper books feel weird to my hands now that I do a lot of my reading on a Kindle. The bulk of paper is so unwieldy by comparison. Paper is more for collecting than reading if you ask me.

And in the afternoon I returned to the beach. I parked elsewhere and didn’t take the camera. Unencumbered with anything other than my podcasts in my ear I walked about 8km at a leisurely pace. It feels immensely relaxing, and it was unfortunate that I had left all my big ideas at home because it was an ideal time to think them. I didn’t walk as far as I had intended, but distances along the coast can be very deceiving… a curve of beach that looks like an easy 1 hour walk will readily prove to be over 15km long and a half-day round-trip if attempted. The only way to get perspective is to look behind at how slowly my starting point was dwindling to the same sizes to “talk” some sense into me.

This feels like exactly the right level of productivity for a holiday.

I guess it’s only right to do this on the day in the exact middle of my leave.