Day 170 – Dinner and a Show

Tonight I went to Wet’n’Wild with some friends… after work and the gym. You could call it a bit of a packed day. Had a great time trying a few more of the slides. I don’t quite have a complete set yet, but I’m working on it.

Maybe I’ll manage to complete the set tomorrow?

There was only one hiccup all night. The racer slides had a bit of a mishap when someone got stuck halfway down… we theorized that they might have lost momentum by not keeping the front of their mat pulled up inside the tube. Trust me, that sentence actually makes sense…

Everything else worked out brilliantly though.

Dinner and a Show
Dinner and a Show

And when it gets dark, they turn on the light-show on the various slides. I hadn’t had dinner yet before heading out, so I took the opportunity to sit down with a burger and some chips and watch the people come by with the flashing lights in the background.

Anyone else up for a day in the water? 🙂

Day 169 – 2014

Time just whooshed by last night.

We almost missed the fireworks on TV because everyone was so engrossed in their cocktails and conversation. We missed the start of the fireworks, and nobody quite understood what was up with the eye on the bridge. But never mind.

I didn’t get to bed till about 4:30am, only to wake around 8am with a headache. Steady intake of water through the day seems to have mostly resolved that; with a bit of luck I’ll be in fully functioning shape by tomorrow for work.

I haven’t given much thought to plans for the year yet, so I couldn’t say whether there are any resolutions to chase. I guess I’ll work that out when I’m on leave later this month.

I can’t wait to find out what change this year brings.

Actually, I have one resolution handy. Have more parties. Because last night was fun, and I think more of the same would be very welcome.