Day 202 – Sunbeam Give-Away

It’s a Competition.
With a Give-Away.

I recently acquired a superior ice-cream-making solution. As a result I now have two fully functional Sunbeam Snowy ice cream makers that will otherwise have to get sent to a farm up-state.


I very briefly considered selling both on eBay.
But then a more fun idea presented itself.

All I want is your tastiest/weirdest/funniest ice-cream-flavour suggestion in the comments below.

Also, for bonus points: indicate if you are willing to prepare the suggested flavour and share the sampling of the first scoop with me so that I can blog about it here. If this is your first ice-cream attempt, I can help with the making of your suggestion.

On Saturday, February 15th (2014) I’ll pick the two suggestions I like most and each will get a Snowy of their very own.

If you just want to take part in making suggestions without being eligible for a Snowy, mark your suggestions with “#nowin”.

And the winners have been drawn now; see Day 214 – Winners.

13 thoughts on “Day 202 – Sunbeam Give-Away”

  1. Two suggestions from Geoist…

    The Chocolate Desk:
    * Various crushed candy.
    * Covered with crushed hazelnuts, walnuts.
    * Drizzle of nutella.
    * Chocolate coins on top

    Nyan Cat Hairball:
    * Lemon sorbet.
    * Fairy floss mixed in.
    * Sprinkle with nerds.
    * Crumbled pop tart on top.

  2. I’d have to do a South Australian version with chocolate icecream plus fruchocs mixed in with a swirl of liquer such as Baileyes! #nowin

  3. Off the top of my head …
    * Anchovy ripple 😉
    * Peanut butter and honey (both rippled in vanilla or caramel ice cream)
    * Peanut butter and banana (banana ice cream with peanut butter ripple) (option: with a chocolate ripple also)
    * Cheese and onion 😉
    * Pavlova (pieces with passionfruit ripple in vanilla ice cream)

  4. Port Poached Pear! Vanilla base, with chunks of poached pear & a thick caramel-consistency port syrup swirled through it.

  5. I think I am going to have to make all the suggested flavours and blog them regardless of which entries get rewarded with a Snowy. They all sound either the right amount of quirky or the right amount of delicious.

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