Day 211 – Working Late

Wednesday is always the biggest blur of my work-week.

Wednesday is one-on-one catch-ups day with my staff. I only have 5 staff to worry about, but at 30 minutes each that takes about 3 hours out of my day all-up.

Doing one-on-ones right is so far the biggest benefit I’ve gotten from listening to the Manager Tools podcast. It’s not that it is particularly hard to regularly catch up with staff, but a good understanding of what it is actually for and how it helps does direct me better in getting the most out of those 3 hours in my week.

Picking the right day also makes a big difference. Middle-of-the-week works particularly well because there’s enough time before Wednesday for staff to achieve some things, and enough time after Wednesday for us all to take further actions based on what we discuss.

Adding in another 2 small meetings basically left my whole day looking like Swiss Cheese.

I wish there was an interesting story somewhere in all this, because basically my brain is fried. And I still have a presentation to write and some research to do before tomorrow morning… as well as an early start at the office. *groan*