Day 227 – Broken Ice and Bells

Please be gentle with me weekend!

As it stands I have to re-do the Elderflower/Lime ice cream a *third* time. I had neither realised nor credited the critical importance of sugar to sorbet. Apparently it spells the difference between nice scoopable sorbet and big chunks of chisel-only ice in the freezer.

There is so much yet to learn.

I just had a semi-nap through part of Nerdist, which means that A: I feel slightly more human, B: I missed part of the discussion with Broken Bells. I enjoyed the track closing the episode. I’ll have to take some time to listen to a whole album this weekend.


Even so, I think I’ll sleep early. I want to wake well-rested tomorrow, then return home well-wasted from the gym and take it from there.