Day 244 – Locked Up

It wasn’t too bad this morning. A little sore, but that’s not inconceivable when a massage has just gotten major knots out of my back/neck/shoulders. I joked a bit about feeling worse than before the massage and how backwards this progress felt to me.

I guess I knew I had to cancel my gym class during the departmental presentation by the CIO. I was sitting with my head swivelled to the right to watch the monitor for the video-conference… and I was resting it on my left arm. When I decided to have a look at the clock I felt twangs of pain as I gingerly moved my neck back to facing front on.

Okay. Like that is it?

I spent the rest of the working day being very careful not to put too much pressure on anything and to try and not tense up unduly. I bailed on the 5pm gym class. I went home and got Physiocreme’d, which was burning ice and a wonderful distraction. The rest of the evening has featured a lot of Poirot and heat packs around my neck. I don’t recall ever having had anything like this.

I wonder if a brief massage would do more good or harm at this stage. I may wait out the morning to decide though.