Day 257 – Progress and Perfection

After a lot more effort than I had anticipated, I decommissioned my 4-Bay QNAP NAS this afternoon. All files finally transferred off (400MHz of 2007 ARM grunt is really not adequate to saturate my network), and the 8TB of space re-formatted ready for sale, I have put up my final eBay listing for my little electronic re-org that has lasted the last couple of weeks.

It feels good to be able to stop thinking about the old, so that I can focus on the new.

As of yet, I have not played enough with my Windows 8 start menu to optimise it for its new consolidated uses. Only today, after a driver install and a re-boot, did I manage to get my 27″ monitor to run on 2560×1440 again. It had been stuck on 1680×768 stretched out to fill the surface.

I had hoped to make more progress on some software-development posts, but I really had to focus on my tools first and foremost.

Having said that, over my chores I did do some thinking about the larger structure of those posts, and I think I have come up with a great way to illustrate the “why”. I think the underlying theme I was looking for all along was to strive for a more perfect language. A future-state in which incorrect programs are impossible. Every abstraction along the way ought to at least try strive towards that goal.

And now I have to turn my mind back to the distraction of the TV in the background.