Day 262 – Meander

I lost track of time.
I need to go sleep so I can get to my gym routine tomorrow morning.

I think it’ll be a much more pleasant experience, because today after work I saw a physio, and he did some great work on the shoulder. The proof will be in the waking up un-stiff, but I feel optimistic based on how well the shoulder has been feeling this evening. There was the most massive of knots right on my shoulder blade. He tried to get it with pressure alone, but besides being very painful, that didn’t help much. He used some kind of electronic device to loosen the muscle and that worked remarkably well. Like magic.

Most of this evening has been spent browsing the net though. Some research for the new QNAP; I want to set up a VM or two for Atlassian tools, and along the way I discovered Vagrant which sounds like a fun tool to explore. Then I got sucked in to my news-feed where it appears Microsoft is open-sourcing technologies left-right-and-centre… I’m not sure what has come over them, but they are having a brilliant shot at turning into the cool technology place to work.

I was planning to do some photography this weekend, but I may actually end up with my nose in the laptop.
Especially since everybody else will be doing their own things as well, so I might as well.

Maybe Sunday will be for being social.

Day 261 – Shiny Armour

This morning wasn’t what it was supposed to be. At all. I woke up early. I was aiming for an 8am arrival at work so that I could do a few chores before going into a meeting at 9:30am as a scribe.

At 7:55am I was grabbing my coffee.
At 8:12am I was stuck in slow traffic.
At 8:23am I was pulled over along Windsor Road.

The car had stalled; the fuel gauge was still showing some fuel in the car, but it had spluttered and died in the middle of the right lane… 500 meters from the petrol station I was hoping to pull into.

I sheepishly called in the Shiny Armour brigade.
“Help… I’m stuck… the car is out of fuel”.

I’m glad I had my podcasts to keep me company. Traffic was still heavy and it was going to take a while for my fuel-saviours to arrive. I was most definitely going to be missing my meeting, so I made the best of it.

After getting 4l of emergency fuel delivered, driving on to the petrol station, refuelling and cleaning the side of the car from a slight spill, I made it into the office at about 10:15am.

This was the longest morning-commute I’ve ever had into work.

And it was an exhausting day following that.
I’m going to sleep early tonight and hope for a more productive tomorrow.

Day 260 – A Long One

I had a long and busy day today. I foolishly accepted responsibility for too many meetings in one day tomorrow and I had to prepare for all of them today. So tomorrow I’ll be scribing one meeting, brainstorming another right after and then chairing a third right after that. A 7 hour marathon of meetings.

I’ll also be doing this with a sore midriff. I have been to the gym Monday and Tuesday, but to spare my shoulders I took on extra challenge on the legs and core. Which seemed like a great plan at the time, but might have been a strategic mistake in retrospect. Time will tell.

And tonight was fun relaxation at Ken’s with a cornucopia of cheese, fruit and chocolate, followed by a plethora of pizza and a sufficience of 7 Wonders. I feel thoroughly entertained. But also quite tired.

And I have to be up again at 7 to get a few things sorted before my first meeting starts.
So I’m going to leave this short and safeguard my rest and sanity.

Good night world.

Day 259 – My Box

I wanted the least amount of fuss. Just listed my PC on eBay as “Pickup Only”, because I was in no mood to deal with lugging 20kg of aluminium and circuitry anywhere myself.

I made the mistake of compromising to “Will allow Courier Pickup at Door”.

Which means… packing required.

Look Ma, No Hands!
Look Ma, No Hands!

It was murder in the living room. Styrofoam pellets bleeding all over the carpet an my legs. Slashing cardboard skin and scoring it for better folds. Taping it all together.

I’m a modern-day Frankenstein, I am.

It’s not a pretty box, but it is sturdy. The case was first covered in Styrofoam sheets all around and then a second layer of cardboard. It was a box to begin with, but at the wrong dimensions, so I had to adjust all the folds and edges.

I’m still amazed at how square-ish it ended up.

Do I get a gold star now?