Day 303 – Running from Something

63 – 100 Beginner Running Tips

Cardio is terrible and I hate running.

I don’t even run from the back of the treadmill; I prefer to set it to 6km/h and just walk for 30 minutes while letting my mind drift. I never got the hang of running. I’ve heard say how great the runners high is, but it doesn’t sound quite enough to make it worth it. Marathon runners say the same things about the joy of having your toenails fall off, so I guess that puts the matter into some perspective.

Maybe it is that running deprives me of my ability to let my mind wander. On the few occasions that I’ve run, I just do not have the room left inside my head to do anything else and it is a disconcerting experience. Again, I’ve known people who see the absence of thought as part of the appeal, but I just cannot get there myself.

I do enjoy cardio though.

As terrible as it is in the moment, it feels great once it stops. And not (just) for the obvious reason. I never really got into cardio before the last decade, and never as focussed as the past two years. I go through stages during cardio; when it starts I feel like I can do anything, then the burn kicks in and I feel like I’m going to die halfway through, then the fatigue kicks in and my brain stops working which distracts me from the burn, and then the class ends and the pain seeps back into focus.

But it feels so great to get better at it. It doesn’t take very long to improve either, and I can tell how much easier the exercise is than when I started. The instructors say encouraging things, but I doubt their impartiality in the matter; cheer-leading does wonders after all. I have to admit I can tell for myself too though.

And I am kinda curious about taking a Cycle, Attack or Step class to see how I go pre-conditioned as I am.

Then again though; is this the point where normal people turn into gym nuts?
Or have I tipped over the edge already?