Day 312 – Dweller-of-Beaches

54 – World’s 100 Best Beaches

It looks like I may have to visit Byron Bay. Not only will it tick the box for one the 100 Best Small Towns in Australia, it also is one of the World’s 100 Best Beaches. Two for the price of one visit!

I never was a beach-dweller in my teens. I’m still not in the typical sense of the word, but I enjoy walking through the surf more than I ever used to.

It is likely that my escape from shyness is closely tied to my enjoyment of sun, surf and drinks-with-little-umbrellas. In my teens I was much more the stereotypical computer-nerd. I didn’t like being out in sunlight. I’d spend my days inside in front of a monitor. I was pale, pimply, and only lacking in a proper pair of nerd-glasses.

My birthday is in European summer. One time I went so far as to underscore my dislike of traditional summer-BBQ-for-my-birthday by making a chocolate-sprinkle-sandwich and taking it out in the rain on my birthday so that I could have a less typical dining experience.

Yes, not much has changed about my personality.

I am not sure whether working on my shyness came first, or whether going out in the sun did. They definitely reinforced each other though. Being outside is a great place to work on shyness. Moving to Australia by myself was the last no-way-back-to-shyness nail in the coffin. And it also is a very sunny place.

Now I cannot remember a time before I loved walking in the surf.
Whenever I find myself on the Gold Coast I enjoy walking from Surfers to Broadbeach so that I can pick up cake from my favourite cake shop. When I’m down the coast I put on my headphones. Switch on a podcast or a music mix. And walk till I’m halfway there and then turn around to get back home.

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  1. We haven’t been to Byron?? We must! It is lovely, although also not anything particularly special at the same time. There is something lost when you skip the scenic drive to QLD.

  2. We did Byron Bay on a very hot day as a Greyhound break. Don’t know if I had my camera with me. Have to see.

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