Day 290 – Media Democracy

76 – The Stitcher List – Top 100 Podcasts

I have talked before about the podcasts I listen to.

I am always taken a little by surprise when I talk to somebody and they have no idea what a podcast is. Apparently podcasts are sufficiently obscure as a technology that the majority of the population has no idea what it means.

Even William Shatner was confusing it with a blog when he actually was *on* the Nerdist podcast recently. But then, how do you blame an 83-yr-old for not having kept up with the latest technology. And frankly, I have to say I’m impressed how with-it he is at that age, because he *almost* gets it during the podcast itself. And he manages to make some very quick and piercing observations to Chris Hardwick on the show. I’d hope to be that switched-on at 80 myself.

The best explanation I’ve managed to come up with is: it’s like radio, only you download the episodes and they are mp3 files. I think most of the words in that sentence are now familiar to almost everyone. But it doesn’t in the slightest explain why this is so revolutionary.

It completely misses that *anyone* can start a podcast if they like. And an interested audience can listen to amateur shows via the same software they use to listen to NPR.

Any podcast can suddenly gain visibility, get nominated, win an award… there is really no big money needed. Just a quiet room and a decent microphone. And many smaller podcasts work with far less than that till they get some listener donations.

It’s all part of this new world in media, where it is impossible to be across everything that is created, but for every interest you can find someone that will bring you the latest discussions, interviews and rants surrounding it. Straight to your ears. Over the Internet.

How do you sum all that up in a second sentence?

Day 289 – From a List

77 – 100 Writing Topics

I don’t own a 100-sided die, so I cannot pick randomly… I’ll pick 40.
I may want to get back to this list because there are some great ideas on it.

Favourite Places to Visit

I like visiting the Gold Coast. I like being in one of the hotels over summer with the window open and the sound of the rushing waves in the background through the night. Whenever I am there, I try to visit the Zarraffa’s coffee place there. It’s more a ritual than anything else, because the ridiculously intense barista has long-since left the place. He made the cappuccino’s like he was putting the final flourishes on the Venus De Milo. I love walking along the beaches. I specifically love walking from Surfers to Broadbeach to get cake from Madison’s Cafe. It’s worth the 30 minute hike in the surf.

I like visiting the Hunter Valley. It’s been too long since I’ve been there. It is the perfect combination of wine-trial-and-error, chocolate and Smelly Cheese Shop. My favourite stay is still when my parents were over from Europe. We stayed in a bunch of converted train carriages. We made port pears. And then when we were sufficiently sozzled, we folded paper air-planes for flights across the Safari carriage. There are plenty of other interesting hotels, but this one had the major redeeming quality of being pet-friendly.

I live visiting the burger and fish shops down the end of the road. Of course, anyone would say the same, but these make some of the best fast/fried meals I’ve ever had. Right At The End Of The Road! I wish it had a nicer space to sit whilst sipping a coffee. So take-away it is.

I like visiting my gym. I was perfectly happy with Fitness First for many years… and then I switched to Virgin Active. I had no idea. I apologise. You are clearly superior Virgin. I like nothing better than finishing my day at the gym and starting my evening after. I have a habit of taking my work home with me inside the back of my brain. The gym seems ideally suited to help me switch off. 30 minutes of intense cardio fogs up my brain enough to shut my background processing off.

I like visiting Wet’n’Wild. As is clear from past bloggings. I’ll miss it. It’ll be back in September… presumably. Another Gold Pass for me. I hadn’t been for 6 weeks or so before last weekend. I wasn’t sure it would be as much fun as I remembered. Oh, how wrong I was to think so. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to remember why I like going there.

I like visiting Featherdale as well, even though it’s less my thing than Abbey’s. I like taking the camera with me and trying to capture the animals in interesting ways.

I feel bad for all the places I’m missing, but now these are first in my mind.

I think it indicates I need to travel a bit more.

Day 288 – Gluttony and Other Joys

78 – 100 TIPS TO SLIM

Tip 1 – do not have Wednesdays like I do.

Seriously, don’t.

On Wednesdays, friends gather in the evening… we have snacks… we eat dinner… we play boardgames… and we talk. We always eat too much like we’re trying to win a competition.

We had some nice raspberries, various cheeses, Pringles and chocolate to get us started today. For three people. (We never know beforehand how large the group gets; anywhere from 3 to 6 is typical).

And then I “cooked” by ordering Thai food on Menulog. I think there are two more dinners left over in the fridge, but even then, I have such a hard time not eating more when the food is so tasty. The Massaman Curry was tender and delicious. The Chicken/Cashew-something-or-other Curry almost as much so.

As I sat watching Ken and Abbey finish their dinner, I felt bloated bordering on sick. Occupational hazard. Now I’m just afraid to step on the scales before I go to bed.

If I don’t weigh myself, I don’t really weigh anything, do I?