Day 324 – Revisions

42 – 100 Tips to Make You a Better Writer

Once it becomes too easy, it is time to make it hard again.
The hardest part of writing at the start is to start and do it regularly.

I think I have “regular” sorted, so time to raise the bar.

I have tried to write ahead a few days so that I have time to do revisions now. It is amazing how many little improvements I make after just a day of letting the writing sit. Revising is a new process for me, because so far I had just been writing on the day which leaves no room for a second look without falling off my routine-wagon.

Some sentences just do not flow right on the first attempt, and it is really not that hard to spot when you don’t have the pressure of a looming deadline to make you too forgiving of your own sins. Some sentences are just too meaningless and trite; that’s also really easy to spot with one days’ distance.

I don’t think I have more than one revision in me while the challenge is ongoing. But in another 42 days I’ll have time to work at the craft harder.