Day 330 – Personal Assistant

36 – The 100 Most Amazing, Unique, and Beautiful Hotels In The World

There’s a theme there. Well, a few themes.
Isolated places. Strange places. Opulent luxury.

And it doesn’t look like everything on the list is unaffordable to mere mortals either. Sadly, there is a bigger problem. With all of my travel-related lists actually.

To get the most out of a trip I’d really need to make local friends everywhere I can go. The only way to see the real sights is to have someone to point them out in advance. A couple of weeks in an awesome place is over in no time, and as per my last post… never do the same thing twice if you can help it.

I think that the only way I am going to make this work effectively is to get rich and get a personal assistant. Someone that can plan my travels that knows what I love and hate. Someone that can trawl through the totality of the internet and find all the little pubs in back streets, gorgeous vistas only the locals know how to find, the must-do experiences you only discover once you’re already back home.

I know travel agents exist.

But I suspect they do not really know all that much about the details of their destinations. I don’t want to do just the big touristy things. I want to find the little things that will make me happy as well.

I wonder if there is perhaps room for a business-model in this. An online travel-agent, not so much focused on finding you flights and hotels, but specifically focused on experiences. A site full of personal shoppers that can ask a few probing questions and then guide you to all those corners that will make the holiday special. I’m not sure exactly where the money changes hands in all this, but there must be a way to make this work… surely?

2 thoughts on “Day 330 – Personal Assistant”

  1. Unfortunately, once someone creates this business, all those wonderful little experiences will be overwhelmed by everyone that must experience them, changing them forever. If they’re worth experiencing, they’re worth looking for. The experience will be the reward for finding it.

    1. Not if they are truly tailored for everyone… Not everyone can be in the market for Bear Flamenco in a cave off the Baltic, … Surely?

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