Day 333.5 – Reddit

A bonus post with no associated 100.

I went to the Global Reddit Meetup Day 2014 – Sydney in Glebe today. I must admit I’m not an avid Redditor myself, and I mostly lurk when I do head over, but it seemed like a fun outing and a chance to meet some new people (see my 100 goals).

I knew I knew exactly one person at the meet before I went.
The rest’d be a surprise.

I hadn’t really read the instructions very well beforehand. I knew I had to bring a contribution of food, and I always try for originality… somewhat. I brought a whole stack of mandarins that I think were still untouched when I left them behind, and I bought a stack of mini chocolate bars in honour of The Chocolate Drawer at work. Not that anyone else was going to know the significance, but it was more an in-joke for myself.

I also hadn’t read the instructions for the location very well. I arrived at Jubilee Park in Glebe after Google Maps got me there relatively smoothly. I started walking through the park looking for a crowd. There were more crowds than I had anticipated; apparently Glebians actually use their parks.

After taking the long way around, past some children’s’ play equipment, the oval, across a bridge, I found the right crowd. It’s a good thing I can Recognise Christina From Quite A Long Way Away, otherwise I’d have been aimless for longer.

The first thing that I spotted… there was too much food. Way too much food.
The local fauna was taking notice…

Pigeon Intruder eyes off food and drink
Mind… if I have a look at that scroll for ya?

The pigeons in the park were far from shy. They were practically parading over my feet trying to get at morsels. They were landing on the tables and doing acrobatics on the rolled-up camping rug as it was slowly rolling off the table under their feet. We needn’t have brought meat for the barbecue at all it would seem.

Besides pigeons there were also dogs a-plenty.

Dog sniffs grass in search of food
Not Doge. Not Wow.

It would seem that this park is also a favourite spot for the locals, because before sundown the grassy field was overrun with running dogs. The owners were perplexed at the number of them taking an interest in our party. Some would say that dogs can tell where the pats are. In this case, I think the smell of patties had more to do with it. If not for the over-abundance of food, I’m sure they would not have mobbed us as readily as they did.

All throughout the meet up there were games of Cards Against Humanity running.

The first game was a little timid. I think the players were new to the concept, and perhaps a bit over-cautious about letting their inner demons out. Or perhaps the fact there were a few younger players involved was making everyone hold back.

Cards Against Humanity
A Friendly Game of Cards

The second game later in the day was definitely far less… politically correct. Although even then, I think a few of the players were trying to have everything make sense, which tends not to be a winning strategy.

I just observed.
I’m not sure whether that was a blessing or a curse.

For other entertainment, someone else had brought a slackline as well which was put up between two trees. Think high-up circus act, only closer to the ground. It looks tantalizingly easy. I tried, but I was too worried about the camera to have a proper go. Next time I will not be photographer so that I can join in more.

Slack-line between trees
It’s more rigid than you expect, less than it looks.

The barbecue was tasty, as far as I got to taste it. There were simply too many meats and treats to try more than a bit. I also wasn’t feeling too hungry after my Melbourne trip; something in the air down there makes me far hungrier than I am back in Sydney, then when I return I barely eat over the weekend.

In any case, my compliments to the chef, whomever he was.
I didn’t have a chance to talk.

I did manage to exchange a few quips with a few of the people at the meet as I was taking my 443 pictures. Not all of them good. Some klutz had left the camera on fully-manual from his last photo-set, and the first 200 images needed a lot of boosting to be usable. I switched to fully-auto after that so I didn’t have to think too hard. It was meant to be entertaining, not work.

I had a very nice conversation with a visitor from… oh FSM, I cannot recall… I think it was Vietnam. She was in the country for 9 days and decided to go to a Reddit meet in a foreign country for one of them.

And I made a new friend that I should be seeing for Yoga tomorrow. Imagine going all the way from Western Sydney to Glebe for a meet-up, talking to a stranger and mentioning a 10:30 Yoga class, only for her to say she also has a 10:30 Yoga class… at the same gym. Serendipity. With my caffeine-withdrawal headaches out-of-the-way, and my shoulder feeling a lot more robust, I really have no excuses not to go.

Finally, there was a cat-bear I made a donation to.

Cat-bear piggie-bank
Give Me Moar Moneys

I understand this is for funding some of the provided foodstuffs, for after-drinks for the organisers, for future parties. I didn’t ask too many questions, or if I did, I didn’t sufficiently listen for the answers. It seemed like a good enough cause either way.

And the cat-bear was so delightfully rude.

Unscrew Me For A Good Time
This seems backwards…

Nobody could find me some scissors or cutting implements so I could fix those malformed cat ears for the poor thing.

In any case, it was a very fun afternoon.
I’m glad I came.

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