Day 341 – Best Company

25 – 100 Best Companies to Work For

There are so many well-known IT havens in the world.
Companies like Google, Pixar, Atlassian, Valve or Fog Creek Software.
They offer their staff offices with all the conveniences of home… and then another few stretches beyond that.

None of those is the best company to work for though…

The best company to work for will always be the one you start yourself. Modelled on your own vision of a place you’d like to work. And as those huge companies have proven, success can be structured many drastically different ways; from almost flat organisations, to deeply hierarchical, to meshed every-which-way.

Most of them favour offices over open-plan, but at the same time, all of them have extensive communal areas to allow people to work together. They offer a broad range of perks, all the way up to doing your laundry so you don’t have to. Some have only one or two products, others have a virtual constellation of interlinked solutions.

I guess it just goes to show that the strength of the vision matters more than its content. And that the relentless execution of a great idea does more for the success of a company than any other reason surrounding its structure or governance ever could add or detract.

I guess my excuse for not being there is that my vision hasn’t quite come to me yet. But there are some ideas bubbling around in my head. You never know when one or two of them might mature into a company.

But for now I’m content to work for someone else.

One thought on “Day 341 – Best Company”

  1. Perhaps the largest component is about control over one’s environment. The more people lose control of their environment and work, the more stressed and unhappy they become. Part of that control, the good part, may include guidance of course. Losing control is caused by bullying, disrespect, bad practices and policies, health, all manner of things. I reckon a company that manages to get the mix right will always be right up there as an employer of choice.

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