Day 342 – How To: DIY

24 – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting And Running A Business

I have ideas. Some of them even seem like good ideas. I’m really not sure what I am waiting for exactly. Probably for that moment of clarity where the good ideas suddenly come into sharp focus, and I jump.

And it doesn’t even need a very big jump to begin with. You don’t jump off a cliff before you have jumped off a hill without bruising yourself. That’d be insanity. And an unnecessary insanity.

The author of the post at the other end of today’s link is a prime example. He has jumped many times. He doesn’t sound much more certain of himself today than when he first jumped, but he also hasn’t shattered.

Today it is possible to put together the seeds of success before any of the hard decisions need making. An oft-written story is of the entrepreneur that started work on their idea outside of business hours. Building something of value, and starting to sell it, before having to make any tough decisions. The advice that often comes along with those stories is to build and sell till you can afford to live of what your side-project is generating. Just step straight off that cliff onto a hover-board already.

And why not?

All that is digital in this world is cheap to produce.

Software can be developed on less than a thousand dollars worth of hardware. If you need to host something for public consumption there are many cloud solutions out there you can pay-as-you-go; meaning that costs rise along with the number of people who are using the service, and hopefully paying for it.

Media can be developed on less than a thousand dollars if needed, but certainly for no more than ten-thousand. GoPro is the entry-level cinematography solution. Every phone is a proto-podcasting solution if needed. A few instruments, a few decent microphones. Some software. It’s all so eminently manageable.

When push comes to shove, for many creative enterprises, the most expensive ingredient is the labour. But if you build your business on a labour of love you’ll win by the execution even if the business never materializes. Replace a hobby with a business plan, and get going. All you need is some time and a good idea.

Heck, I have published for almost a year now. I won’t say that it’s the most brilliant material in the world, but it’s not incoherent garbage either. And now that I take a bit more time to think the quality has improved further. And I’ve done it because it seemed like a fun idea (at least before I made a tough promise, and then was too stubborn not to keep it). And it has been.

I have no idea who is reading any of this (probably just family and friends).
I have no idea if it is benefiting anyone (probably just the bots that keep telling me how awesome my content is).
I have no idea how much time exactly has gone into it.

But I know it feels worthwhile to this day.
I have gained a habit of dedication in small increments from it. I have gained a habit of thinking a little bit more before just writing whatever comes into my head. I still make mistakes, but fewer than a year ago.

And now I really need to decide what to funnel this dedication into. Do I create software? Video? Articles?

If the guru at the other end of todays’ link knows what he is talking about, the answer should be “all, and then some more”. I kinda feel ready to start working on something ambitious. And I’m not quite sure what it is, but I suspect there will be a communication angle to it. The whole past year was dedicated to communication, and I know for a fact the next one will be too.

If anyone else out there is ready to jump off a cliff, let me know… at the very least we can form a support-group while we all learn to fly.

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