Day 346 – Feel Like Nothing

20 – 100 Great Boredom Busters

I appreciate someone taking the time to get together boredom busters (although I’m not a child… I just play one in real life). But suggestions are not always helpful I have found, some days the mood just doesn’t want to shift into productivity.

Most of the time I have no trouble keeping myself busy and/or entertained; reading a book for hours, browsing the web, writing a post,… work if I must. Most of the time I want more time in my day, not less.

Some of the time I am normal-bored; I’ll have nothing to hand that needs doing, or that fits within available time. I’ll usually consider some further-afield options and come up with something that I’m satisfied with doing for a few hours, and that’s usually enough to snap out of it.

Occasionally though…

Occasionally I’ll get my-brain-is-confused-about-what-it-wants-bored.
It is annoying.

Usually, this kind of boredom starts out like the regular kind. I wander aimlessly for a bit, realise that I don’t know what I want to do. I’ll consider some options; “yes, let’s go to JB HiFi and browse the BluRays!” But then, when I get my keys, and walk towards the door I suddenly lose all my desire to actually do it. “I’ll just stare at movies, decide I don’t want anything, and then come home again.”

It ends the same no matter what I pick. I spend hours bouncing between ideas never actually doing anything. I usually sit down and end up watching a show or movie that I don’t really want to watch with a notepad and pen in hand in case of inspiration. Sometimes I scribble a bit, but nothing of much import.

Somewhere along the way of whatever I am watching I slip out of the mood unnoticed and by the end I tend to be ready to do something else. But it’s still very frustrating. It feels like a complete waste of a day.

And yet, I haven’t found any way to get out of that particular mood.

If you have a suggestion, please let me know!