Day 339 – How To: Escape the Box

27 – 100 Online Brainstorming Tools to Help You Think Outside the Box

You have to be right with being wrong. If you attach too much value to never being wrong, you limit your ability to unexpectedly be right. Thinking outside the box (even if ultimately you have to act inside of it) requires letting go of your filters while you try to come up with new ideas.

And we all carry so many filters with us…
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Day 338 – Everyday Outside the Box

28 – 100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Although I love life hacks, I am pretty bad at finding my own.
Some of these hacks are so common-sense that I have to admit that I should have been able to come up with them myself, and yet I haven’t.

Maybe you and I are both too focused on “doing” the everyday that we forget to “think about” the everyday?
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Final Approach

Today is an auspicious day.

On July 17th, 2013 I started my ill-advised challenge to myself. Which means I’m now slightly less than a month away from the finishing line.

I thought I’d take this occasion to call back to the The One With The Rules and The Very First One. I really had no idea what I was going to write about on a daily basis all the way back then. I had no idea how far I’d make it through; because as much as I am aware of my own stubornness, I also have a healthy respect for common sense.

I have re-adjusted the rules a few times along the way to keep my sanity.

And to keep it interesting, at the very least for myself.

29 more posts remain, and then… For Something Completely Different.
(although still blogging)

I hope you’ll stick with me for the final approach, and perhaps come celebrate with me when it is all over.

Day 336 – Yes,… But Can You Do It?

30 – 100 Interview Questions for Software Developers

I’ve been through the process of interviewing candidates a few times with varying degrees of success. It is very easy to hire … sub-optimal developers … if you do not take some basic precautions.

The surprising truth is how easy it is to weed out the bulk of unsuitable candidates.
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Day 335 – Surprise and Wonder

31 – 100 Algorithms

It sounds like such a sturdy workmanlike word. The sound conjures visions of dusty books, careful craftsmanship and transparent function.

Oh, how wrong first impressions can be…
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Day 333.5 – Reddit

A bonus post with no associated 100.

I went to the Global Reddit Meetup Day 2014 – Sydney in Glebe today. I must admit I’m not an avid Redditor myself, and I mostly lurk when I do head over, but it seemed like a fun outing and a chance to meet some new people (see my 100 goals).

I knew I knew exactly one person at the meet before I went.
The rest’d be a surprise.
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Day 333 – Fear


I am not always entirely at ease flying either. Nothing that a reasoned scientific argument with myself won’t fix, but still. My dad for a long time didn’t want to fly from Europe to Australia to come visit, but at long last he did… and then again a second time. Not sure if that was fear, or discomfort, or a mix of both. I know for a fact that my youngest brother still hasn’t been here for fear of flying.

Some days I wish there were a high-speed train that stretches around the world to make this a non-issue.

But in the mean time, the statistics are really not bad at all.
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Day 332 – Quality Storytelling

34 – 100 Worst Movies

I have to confess something…
I like quite a few of the movies on this list.

I wonder if they perhaps wrote it down wrong, because the list of Dishonourable Mentions looks much more disreputable than the main list at the top.

But first; let me confess the movies that I actually enjoy…
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