Long Service Leave – Alas, not yet

Why are long weekends never quite long enough?

I thought a four-day weekend would be more refreshing than it proved to be. I guess what it points to is that I need to have a longer break sometime.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have the two extra days, but I guess the problem with short breaks is that they get swallowed by the backlog of chores that was still waiting for me.

On the up-side, I did read a bit more (oh how I want Amazon to release the new Paperwhite already so I can upgrade!), and I had some awesome Gelato in Kings Cross (Gelato Messina… worth a try if you’re near them), and I slept in a bit as well.

My next management goal at work is to co├Ârdinate with my fellow managers on a 2IC to develop enough that we can all start taking some more significant leave without leaving anyone in the lurch. Oh. And communications… that’s the two themes for 2014/15. As well as broader cross-skilling, three! Three themes for 2014/15.

(I have watched too much Monty Python… wish I could have gone to one of their theatre shows *sigh*)