6-Sigma Force

It’s been about a month, and I’ve just let the free time unproductively wash over me. I obviously feel very guilty… give me your best I-believe-you face.

I am once again in Melbourne today.

Second week in a row.

Last week was my regular visit, with all the staff, and all the meeting, and stuff and things. This week I’m here for some training. I have no idea what to expect, but I hear “Six Sigma” is pretty good. I feel like I’m about to become part of a super-hero force. This is just like the Avengers, right? Do I get to be Thor?

I could say that I have no idea why I’m being sent on this training, but I have mentioned process issues a few too many times in various meetings to be entirely surprised at where I have ended up. And I am taking it as extremely encouraging that this training has materialised in my path.

It does leave me burdened with a sense of obligation though…
…to use these new powers for good.


(I need to work on my evil laugh)