Training – I Ama Ze Moon

My Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt training was very interesting. Well worth the two days invested, even if it meant arriving home at 10pm on a Friday. I kinda want to get some more Six-Sigma training now, because I can see all kinds of applications of this knowledge.


Not the same instructor please…

It is a testament to the interest of the topic that 12 hours of having slides read to me hasn’t dulled the experience for me. And the digressions, dear god, the digressions. Had I had a fork, I would now have no eyes.

Then, something struck me about the speech patterns of the “facilitator”.
They seemed eerily familiar to me.
Sort of Noel Fielding-esque…

I had a few moments where it was hard to keep a straight face as the facilitator butchered his way through some badly explained mathematics; the resemblance to The Moon was so striking.

Still, I’d prefer a facilitator that can actually bring the material.