Day 131 – My Doctors

I’ll come straight out and say it. My favourite bit of The Day Of The Doctor was right near the end. Seeing 4 and 11 face-to-face makes me happy and sad at the same time.

I am sure Steven Moffat knows what he’s doing, and I’m sure Peter Capaldi will be fine. But Matt most reminded me of Tom Baker of all that had come in between. A similar sense of wonder and other-worldliness that I had missed in 9 and 10.

It was a very enjoyable episode. It distinctly felt like a celebration in some of its execution. But it was a celebration, so that can be forgiven.

And I cannot wait to see what the Christmas episode will bring. Maybe they’ll bring back what I expected they might bring back for the finale of the season just past. So many possibilities.

And then…

…what we all know must happen.

I’m trying not to think about it.