Day 297 – Beginnings

69 – 100 Best First Lines from Novels

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so does a novel.

I think I’m getting really good at beginnings, but my middles could use some work, and sometimes I just don’t know how to stop. Stopping is tough; ideally I should stop at the point where the writing ends, but I think I often go well past that.

Good middles probably require revision. I’d like to blame the hectic schedule of one post a day for a total lack of revisions on my part, but I think it is also a level of laziness. I have what it takes to do revisions. I do them at work all the time. Agonising over the right tone and content of an email. Some paragraphs get re-written and replaced a half-dozen times before finally materialising as I intend them. Not that it takes particularly long either; I do all my agonising very quickly and efficiently.

I really have no excuse, other than a certain level of laziness and burn-out.

So far, the toughest part of this writing challenge has been trying my best not to re-tread the same ground too much. I’m sure I will have doubled over some terrain more than was called for… but I do not have a particularly good memory, and I really couldn’t tell you what I talked about more than a few posts ago without actually reading my own blog.

And there have been a few tough days.

Sick days. Mentally drained days. Bored and uninspired days.

Pulling a post out of nothing on one of those has made me question more than once whether I should just call off the rest of my challenge. More than once I’ve told myself that getting to 150… halfway… 250… surely is enough to prove the point. I can just stop and it’ll be just like I did an actual 365.

And although that’s true on one level. It’s also completely untrue on the same level.

And I’m just too stubborn.

Once I start something I have an almost obsessive need to finish it. I have listened to some terrible music, watched some terrible movies and read some terrible books all the way through, simply because I couldn’t bear to give up. There has been exactly once that I stopped reading a book before I finished it. And I won’t shame it by naming it.

And there it ends.