Day 223 – …

I’m not quite sure what to do with today.

On the up-side, the intermittent stomach-ache I’ve had since the middle of last week seems to finally have disappeared. On the down-side, it didn’t do so before making me miss out on Wet’n’Wild tonight. (I hope the weather keeps for later this week)

Work was a mixed bag of urgent, important and trivial. I think on the whole I achieved something, even though I cannot quite articulate precisely what.

And the gym was a struggle. But by choice. I don’t feel too bad after pushing through some extra weight, so either I’m improving quickly… or I’m going to pay for it tomorrow.

Watched some Fringe.
Helped with some analysis.
Played some Isaac.

It doesn’t feel very productive, but there was a whole lot of “stuff” in the day.
And now I’m just tired.

Maybe I’ve spent today too much inside my own head?

Odd Game

The Binding of Isaac is really a bizarre game. In case you were wondering why the character looks like he does:

  • The eye-patch is “just because”
  • The evil grin is from the steroids I collected just a moment ago
  • The little price-tag on the left of his face is my 50% off coupon for treasure
  • The slug on his head is a “parasite” which splits his tears on contact (oh yes, I forgot to mention, my weapon is the tears of the little guy)
  • Barely visible behind the slug is a crown which gave me some treasure

Does any of this make sense? No, not really. It’s still fun to play though. I better go see what monster lies behind that skeleton gate on the left now.