Day 151 – Penalty Rates

Running over-time now. The Gingerbread House should have arrived at the party round about now, but we’re still putting on a few more finishing touches.

Partial Roof
Partial Roof

It’s not quite as complete as I would have made it, had I had more time, but I’m happy with the result of my first attempt at building Gingerbread.

Roof Complete, and Pool Filled
Roof Complete, and Pool Filled

Tiling the roof was a lot more effort than I had anticipated, but worth doing well. Now I think I may need a massage to get the knots back out of my shoulders from all the hunched-over tiling I did.

Does this mean I need to start driving a ute and wearing work boots?

Gingerbread Inspiration

I was browsing for an image of a house in Google suited to Gingerbread construction, when inspiration struck. I should re-create a home design from a builder at Homeworld in gingerbread.

After a little browsing I have settled on this design:

Yanderra by Rawson Homes
Yanderra by Rawson Homes

The good thing about this is that there are several facades to choose from for my project, and the site comes with floor plans to help me get the dimensions right.

I do believe that Rawson should give me this house to help with this project.

Day 137 – Baking and Building

Clearly, I don’t have enough projects going at the same time yet (I really should make a list so I don’t lose track (Done!)). So, let me add one more!

I’ve never made a gingerbread house for Christmas before. I usually make ice cream instead. Mixed results, but more on that another time. I’ve been thinking it’s time I tried. The gingerbread that is, but not at the expense of the ice cream.

I like a challenge.

So, I need to pick some architecture to break down and recreate.
I have no idea what I’m doing.

But challenge me!
Send me a link to a building to try.
Share this post with anyone that might have a good challenge.

I need to pick a building by next weekend to have enough time to learn how to do this… something beyond a mere “house”, but within the realm of possibility.

Okay, maybe there’s not enough time to learn how to do this, but in that case I’ll just fail spectacularly. On video.

I’m going to use this as a way to do a recording trial unrelated to my other YouTube-inkling-of-an-idea.

So far, my Google search for architecture has returned a lot of very impractical buildings.

I’d really like a few more straight angles to work with.

Or I could just go with the obvious choice.

So, what do you reckon I should build?