Day 165 – Cards Against Humanity

Visited friends today for dinner/cocktails/games. And I specifically have to call out the game we played the longest. Apparently it’s hard to come by here in Australia, so we’ll have to hunt to acquire it.

It’s a purposely politically very incorrect game.

Every round, one player plays a situation card that has a blank on it, or invites suggestive answers. Then everybody else plays from their hand of responses, and the person that read out the situation picks the best response. Submitted of the response then wins the situation card, and you play till someone hits a certain number of points.

As an example that I posted pictorially earlier.

Situation: An international tribunal has found ___ guilty of ___.

Example responses submitted:

  • [the clitoris] guilty of [lockjaw]
  • [bees] guilty of [masturbation]
  • [science] guilty of [flying sex snakes]

Most of the responses available on the cards that come with the game are designed to be offensive regardless of the situation. Sometimes there is a clever option. But you always have to play to the person who will be judging the responses, because ultimately their taste decides who gets the point.

It was a lot of slightly guilty and off-colour fun.