Day 176 – Creationism

Aside; tonight was the first properly mixed GnT I’ve had. In the past I have had beverages that contained Gin and Tonic, but in rather arbitrary proportions and quality. I kinda like it when it’s done right. And my whiskey stones help keep it adequately dry.

Tonight we played Creationary: the game I got for Christmas. Basically this is Pictionary in the medium of Lego.

You get a random assignment, and then you keep building till someone guesses what you are making.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds.
This is harder than it sounds even if you already take into account that it is harder.

A sort of Hansom Cab
A sort of Hansom Cab

My first assignment was to make a sort of Hansom Cab. With the pictures on the cards it is deceptively easy to think it’ll be trivial to just duplicate the image. This isn’t always the best strategy. A certain amount of impressionism can do the job very effectively.

It involves an attempt to distil the image down to its key features; it needs to have wheels, it needs to have the covered seat, and it needs the driver seat. Okay. And then you need to find pieces that are sufficiently close to actually represent that break-down. Which can be insanely tough.

Abbey's Bat
Abbey’s Bat

The bat Abbey made, depicted above, is a very good example of some impressionism. The images come in categories, so we knew it was broadly “nature”, but nothing more than that. At some point the failed attempts to get odd angles along the way may give a clue in their own right. But even so, the guessing is possibly even harder than the building. Flailing blindly for things of the right colour in the selected category, hoping to hit close enough that the builder might figure out how to adjust the creation to get it over the line.

The boom gate looked like a laser cannon and an ambulance.
The barbecue looked like railway tracks or a trellis.
The scorpion looked like a car or an ant.

It’s fun though.
Challenges are fun.