Day 286 – Healthy Hogwash

80 – The 100 Greatest Cures You Cant Have

I didn’t even need to follow the link to know what I’d find at the other end. Listening to the Skeptoid podcast is a great way to develop a sixth sense about such things.

The description of the book sounds like the typical “the medical-industrial-complex is keeping back the real cures so they can profit from our sickness” nonsense. But just to be sure I went to the “Health Sciences Institute” website.

As it turns out, this site is a “service” that in exchange for a membership fee will give you access to knowledge of all the real cures Big-Pharma have been keeping from us. The author of the book also proves to helpfully be the sole director of this institute.

I have no doubt that there are many systemic problems in the US healthcare system, but I doubt that any organisation would ever hold back a real cure if it existed. Plenty of people are sick… and the competitive advantage of curing what others cannot would quickly see the release of all these supposed suppressed cures.

I also really don’t have a problem with anyone freely choosing to waste their money. But sadly this kind of scam targets low-information buyers first-and-foremost with the promise of a cheaper or better solution. And as always… the only real solution to a problem like this is to educate the population to a level where they cannot be taken in by such a scam.