Day 126 – Cycle Brain

I’ve been totally disinterested in doing anything other than sit at my desk watching videos tonight. There are a whole bunch of things I could/should be doing, but my brain just doesn’t want to kick into gear.

Usually after a good strength or cardio class I’m afflicted by something I call gym-brain. About half way through an Attack class I’ll start having trouble hearing the verbal instructions because my brain just sits inside a haze that sensory input travels through at about half speed.

Which is awkward for new routines and can cause some minor crashes in a full class when I think I have to go left when everybody else correctly hears right.

It’s never this bad though. I think I’ll have to call this cycle brain.

It comes about when I foolishly let the instructor of the class goad me into excessive exercise. Tonight the resistance dial went up a few notches beyond where it should have, and she made me stand on the pedals for longer than I should have.

I think she was grinning.
I bet she knew I would be immobilized for the rest of the evening.

Ah well, time to catch up on some shows.
I’ll try again tomorrow.

Day 108 – Cycling, Bad with Pizza

Today felt very slow at work; I think my brain just wasn’t really in it. Luckily, I had a task that matched that level of mental energy sufficiently that it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. PowerPoint was my friend.

I decided to have a coffee before going to the gym to try and perk up a bit. I’m not sure if it worked, but I also hear that it does good things for circulation and makes cardio exercise more intense when had before. (Similarly, it apparently aids recovery afterwards… so ideally you should have two coffees surrounding your cardio class. Note: not medical advice!)

Then on the way home I went via Crust to pick up some dinner.

If you have never had Crust before, you really should try it sometime.

Tonight I had the chilli/basil squares for starters, which were tangy and zesty in just the perfect proportions to entice me to eat more than I should. And the every-meat-under-the-sun pizza was similarly leading to over-indulgence. I’m sure the scales will tell me the damage tomorrow.

And then… Breaking Bad.
To the end of Season 4.
Gus… just… you know.

I love the visual qualities of the show, and the theatre of it all. It has a very strong cartoon/Batman/western vibe about it. The way the bad guys get shot (in all senses of the word), the colours, the composition of the scenes. It all has a larger-than-life quality to it, whilst at the same time seeming so grounded and plausible.

It’s a magnificent work of art so far.

And now I’m just sitting at my PC… semi-comatose from food and entertainment. I think I might go read shortly. Or at least, stare at my Kindle and pretend I’m doing more than staring through the words.

Day 105 – Just Fatigued

I was hunting around for something interesting to write about today.

But I think I’m going to have to admit that today was just a dull day overall.

I had my usual morning coffee on the way into work. Had a chat with the barista, who joked I should have a double shot if I was going to be in a meeting all day long.

Which brings me to the management meeting from 9:30am till 4:00pm that constituted my work day today. Peter got himself nominated in his capacity as 2IC to attend the meeting as well. I’m not sure if he’ll count it as experience or torture. Maybe a bit of both?

Luckily there were some catered breaks in the meeting, and someone took coffee orders early on. Which was good, because I’m not sure I would have made it through the whole day with that extra shot of coffee after all.

Then after that meeting I went to the gym early to zone out, because my brain just wasn’t working any more. I thought my cycle class was at 5:30pm, but that turned out to be 5:45pm instead, so I spent 40-odd minutes on the treadmills first. It’s good for the views, but perhaps not the best way to prime my legs for a 45 minute cycle class.

I felt like a slacker in the class, not standing up as much as I should. And I wasn’t sure if I had taken my allergy medication, because my nostrils felt smaller than they ought to be in that way I associate with unmedicated inhalation of grass seeds.

I was glad to be home by 7pm, ready to crash on the lounge.

After a shower.

And “cooking”, which in air-quotes is my euphemistic way of saying I went down the road to buy burgers and fries, only to return with fish and chips instead. I always forget the burger place closes at 7pm on weekdays.

Anyway, then I spent some time watching TV, and then, up until around 11pm I sat procrastinating on the internet, reading about Knockout.js wondering what I might possibly write about.

But in reality, the most interesting thing about my day is probably how tired my legs and brains feel. Better luck tomorrow?