Day 84 – Heaven in a Bowl

Coming back from a long weekend is never easy.

I upped the ante by packing in a Cycle class at the gym when my legs had barely recovered from their stretch in Yoga on Sunday. I am running with the philosophy that I should keep my scheduled class regimen intact until my legs just decide to comply and give in.

Dinner and a Drink and some News
Dinner and a Drink and some News

Still, there is nothing as good as getting home after a class, sitting in front of the TV with some dinner and a drink, and stretching my legs braced against the coffee table. I used to hate stretching until I started to do it more seriously as part of Pilates and Yoga classes. Now, I like nothing better than that feeling of my muscles slowly relaxing out of their tension as I brace my leg and flex my foot.

There is something wonderful about the heavy feeling in my legs after a good class that makes it so much easier to fall asleep at night.

And moreover, it is so much easier to sit still in front of a computer when the last thing my legs would like to do is move. It’s so much easier to focus deeply when the occasionally nagging ants in my legs are gone.

My Friend Ben came to Visit
My Friend Ben came to Visit

Second to the stretching were a few scoops by my friend Ben. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie has sat in the freezer for a long time now, and it would seem that the moist brownie pieces have actually partly dried out. It actually seems to add a certain something to the ice cream I think.

I contemplated another scoop, but I’m getting better at recognising when that’s a bad idea. I could finish it, but I wouldn’t feel exactly happy afterwards. So I guess it gets to survive another long cold winter.

Day 55 – Whose Silly Idea?

And the answer is of course, Holly.

But I was a willing participant, so I’m not going to blame anyone too much here.

Holly wanted to try a cycle class, and I knew how horrendous they are when you first start (all cardio is, on the first attempt). Originally we were to have our first try last week on Tuesday for a 45 minute class, but we missed out on that. This week I was originally thinking the same class, except I realised I would be on my way to Melbourne tomorrow evening.

So, we decided, Monday, 1 hour. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, someone took my legs and replaced them with noodles… that is what! Holly coped a bit better with the class than I did. Or should I say, she pushed harder and ended up equally wasted, so in my book, she wins this round.

I think the funniest moment of the class was when I said I was going to skip out a little early, she looked at her watch at 6:20pm and was trying to berate me for skipping out only 20 minutes in.

She had forgotten we started at 5:45pm.

I don’t think her brain was still working at that point. Neither was mine.

It’s a strange property of cardio classes that when you do them well, halfway in my brain stops responding to anything more complicated than following instructions coming from the front of the class. And even that is a challenge.

Hopefully a few more classes will get my fitness back to where I can make it through an hour, but for now we are going easy on ourselves.