Day 242 – Requirements

Not much thinking today either.

My gym routine this morning was a bit shorter than it usually is. My first class in the morning made it abundantly clear that I shouldn’t attempt the second class, and the instructor insisted on the same fairly forcefully. Somewhere along the way on my trip to Melbourne I have done something that knotted some muscles in my left hip.

So I just walked out 30 minutes on the treadmills to cool down a bit before my gym-shower.

As a result of cutting one class I got to my massage appointment a good 40 minutes too early so I reclined the car seat and listened to an episode of Nerdist while I waited for time to pass.

The massage was very helpful. Apparently it was not just my hip, but also my left leg, my lower back and my neck that were in equally bad shape. The work on the leg was too intense to relax through, but even the painful pressure felt good in its own way. The back and neck however were sufficiently soothing that I threatened to fall asleep (again? I think I actually may have snored briefly once).

The rest of the day was spent not achieving much around the house.

And I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to go to Wet’n’Wild, because the storm that rolled through around 4pm would have been a serious spoiler to any fun I might have hoped to have had.

Instead I watched some TV and pondered bulk data storage, personal data privacy, backups and life journalling. I may draw some sketches over a movie tonight; I have some ideas I’d like to develop out to see where the tricky parts are. I more and more just want to own my own information, thankyouverymuch. So first, requirements.

Day 228 – Disappointment

Why is there no online store that has *all* the music, both for streaming for a monthly fee, and available for purchase/download by the track? I want to stream to discover, and download to own. Why does this not exist? Why is this so hard?

Why do I have to store my task lists in the cloud? Why can’t I keep the data somewhere inside my own network. Inside my home. Where it cannot accidentally leak in bulk. Why the same for the best calendars? The best email?

Don’t get me wrong, I love that my laptop doesn’t contain any crucial data; I can reformat, reinstall and then all my data comes back from the cloud. Maybe what I want is an option that just uses the web for storing blobs of data without understanding, and apps on my machine that interpret and manipulate.

Cloud is great.
Cloud is terrible.

I don’t know what I want.

I’m having a bit of a sulky day I think.