Day 46 – The Farm Down the Road

I was out for my coffee today, and the turn into the parking lot was abnormally congested. The traffic backed up from the lights all the way to the roundabout before it and nothing was moving. I decided to try my luck on a side-street, wondering what might be going on.

It looks like it was just an unfortunate confluence of events.

There were signs all over the place for the local politicians doing their last-minute campaigning. The ALDI store had just opened last weekend and was trying to draw a crowd. And as a result of one of these a little petting zoo appeared in the little courtyard off the shops.

Cross between a chicken and a rabbit?
Cross between a chicken and a rabbit?

There were goats and kids intermingling in the pen, and cups of food selling for $1. Not sure what the fund-raising was for, but it was definitely drawing a crowd.

I didn’t see the ducks roam free at any point, and Abbey made the hopeful plea for me retrieving any excess ducks on her behalf. I didn’t actually ask though. Hope she doesn’t read this.

Caged ducks, non-excess stock
Caged ducks, non-excess stock

I have to assume this had something to do with ALDI, because they had a sign on the road suggestion that families might want to visit their new store and make a fun outing out of it. Inside there was another play area set up for kids with some unsafe looking obstacles and a lot of supervision.

All ALDIs look alike, so I didn’t go in, but I did have a browse to see what else new might have appeared in the extension to the shops.

Indian Grocery?
Indian Grocery?

The Post Office moved to a newer (larger?) location. There is now a Hot Dollar as well, because we all need ready access to a 2-dollar-store 😉 [I know where we will be able to find any and all future “treasure” if we have need].

And an Indian Grocery, Which is something I had never seen before myself. I’ll have to have an extended browse sometime to mentally catalogue their inventory, but I definitely like the shop front. It speaks to the design-nerd in me.

Day 40 – Photos on the River

I am still not entirely satisfied with the sharpness of my shots at full resolution. One day I’m going to print out a shot at poster-size and want all my pixels to look sharp dammit! 🙂

But I had a fun day at the river near Penrith.

Models in my shots: Ken, Abbey, Bronte, the Crowd, some Ducks.