Day 42 – Ideas vs Execution

Today will be header-image-less, because I just didn’t have inspiration. First days back from leave are always over quicker than any other day, so I didn’t have as much time to work with as usual. And I feel oddly tired.

In one of my many meetings today I had an opportunity to talk up an initiative I’m running with, and I always feel a bit self-conscious about that. Taking credit doesn’t come very naturally to me, whether it is due or not. Maybe it has something to do with having an inclination to gravitate towards “what needs to be done” and then doing it. It just doesn’t feel like it requires congratulations.

Stepping a little while back, I got congratulated for my efforts on a major project. Frankly it didn’t feel its success had a lot to do with me. Granted, I’d nudged it into a development structure at the start that seems to have paid off very well, but ideas are cheap, and to my mind some members of the development team have done much more to run with that particular ball than I myself have.

Execution trumps ideas every time.

Which is why it’s so funny that even today’s case (a knowledge sharing initiative) where the idea wasn’t mine, but the bulk of the legwork was, still makes me uneasy when it sounds to my ears I might be taking the credit.

At some point I’m really going to have to give myself a break and unabashedly take credit for something.

I just can’t help looking around for someone to object.