Day 333 – Fear


I am not always entirely at ease flying either. Nothing that a reasoned scientific argument with myself won’t fix, but still. My dad for a long time didn’t want to fly from Europe to Australia to come visit, but at long last he did… and then again a second time. Not sure if that was fear, or discomfort, or a mix of both. I know for a fact that my youngest brother still hasn’t been here for fear of flying.

Some days I wish there were a high-speed train that stretches around the world to make this a non-issue.

But in the mean time, the statistics are really not bad at all.
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Day 94 – Mostly Travel

Today was the final half of our planning day, and I think I can officially call it a success. Tiring… but very successful.

The breaks were a blessing; at about 10:30, morning tea arrived. Too many cakes for 8 people, but we didn’t let that deter us. And then lunch at noon was even more overwhelming. So many sandwiches and wraps that we ate to bursting and still had half left to pass along to the developers downstairs.

Now I just need to write out the notes next week so we can tell everybody what we figured out. But…

I have a long weekend first though.

Blue Skies... Nothing But Blue Skies...
Blue Skies… Nothing But Blue Skies…

It was reassuring to land in a city that wasn’t covered completely by smoke, although the reality is scary and dismaying enough as is. Quite substantial portions of the Blue Mountains are still on fire, and probably will be till at least Monday when the weather is due to change.

I don’t know anyone that is in active danger, luckily, but there are already many houses lost and even a death which hopefully will remain singular as this passes.

Shortly after I took the picture above I nodded off in the taxi, which slowly struggled through the traffic. Intermittently I’d catch glimpses as I startled awake of the massive traffic between the airport and the city. I think all up it took 45 minutes to make it to the harbour. And then only 45 more to make it all the way home from there.

Once I woke up again I switched to reading another chapter of Ice-and-Fire, only to be startled by the taxi driver holding up a middle finger to some traffic… shortly after which a motorcycle overtook us in a fashion that forced(?) the driver to dodge into the lane to the left where another car was just merging towards me. No damage and no honking, but still, slightly unsettling all the same.

It makes me strongly consider keeping the card of a good driver next time and just order the same driver every time I need a taxi. I’ve had some good ones in the past, and I hadn’t realised their tremendous value until today.

Anyway, now I am home. And quite weary. And preparing for a party tomorrow, which I will undoubtedly blog about. There is a certain amount of thematic dress-up involved, so prepare for not-your-usual-Jerry!

Day 90 – Patterns at Night

I love flying places.
I don’t love delays, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story that I won’t go into right now.

Landing is the best part, especially at night. There is something about illumination in darkness that draws me. It’s probably one of the reasons I like walking late at night.

What makes landing so special is looking at the city-scape sliding along underneath the plane. A pointillist picture of light splattered on a dark landscape.

The lights all drift along seemingly without pattern, other than the bright streaks of the major highways. And then every once in a while when the flight-path aligns right and we reach the right position, the points suddenly snap into rigid patterns. Straight lines that were completely invisible a moment before become completely self-evident.

Patterns are in everything, and sometimes what it takes to see them is finding just the right perspective.