Day 86 – Hot Hot Hot

I feel too sluggish today to put together a header image for this post. Today was the first really hot day of our Sydney summer. I hear it peaked at 39 degrees, and I have no trouble believing it.

It wasn’t too warm when I got to work this morning, so by the time lunch came around I had forgotten about the forecast. I was planning to walk to lunch, which lasted the minute it takes me to walk from my desk to the external door. The blast of hot air that greeted me there immediately redirected me to the car.

The other side-effect of warm weather is that it makes gym classes much tougher and more draining. But on the upside, the heat generally leaves my muscles feel better after the session. As long as there’s a nice shower waiting for me when I get home, I’ll take the trade-off.

I missed my coffee stop on the way home by minutes I think. I always hold on to that idle hope that maybe I’ll get there on time on the Thursday. Sometimes I cheat on Michel’s with Coffee Guru when that happens, but again, the heat made me reconsider the necessity of getting coffee.

They really should have a home-delivered-coffee service. It would be so awesome. And so bad for my health. 😉

Day 85 – Almost a Disaster

I planned the day somewhat hopefully, and I really should have known better. An internal Confluence system was moving between servers, and I wanted to take the opportunity to do a software upgrade.

Calendar/Plan before faced with reality:

  • 4:00pm – Networks guy takes system down, does last backup and then restores on new hardware
  • 4:40pm – I run an upgrade to the latest version, and everything is sunshine and rainbows
  • 4:50pm – Worst-case-scenario, I tell networks guy to re-do the restore and we’ll live with the earlier version
  • 5:30pm – Done and dusted

Overlaid on this plan, I had booked a Pilates Reformer class at 5:30pm, so that if everything goes well I can leave the office at 5pm and make my class. And if not, I just cancel it at 5pm when things go pear-shaped.

At first, everything exceeds expectations. At 4pm the migration starts, and it completes in only 25 minutes! Awesome!

So, my turn arrives to upgrade the software. I run the installer… done in 2 minutes. Awesomer! And more-over, when I browse to the new install, the pages load and everything looks happy. Until I try to escalate to Admin privileges.

Oh dear, I broke authentication.

The system spits out lots of messages at me, and I decide there is just no time to fix this on-the-fly, so I make the call to restore the backup and just live with the earlier version of the software.

No big deal. It’s a shame not to be on the latest version, but on the upside, it is now 5:35pm and after another restore it will still be shy of 5pm, so at least I will make my gym class.

The restore completes.

As part of the software upgrade, the installer upgraded the database server which resides on a separate host that is now incompatible with the earlier version of the software.

Okay, so the only way is forward. I cancel my gym class, since that’s just not going to happen now.

I make a backup copy of the software folders, and re-run the installer.

There was a message about something to do with “cacerts”… that sounds like it might be relevant. Another Google search points me to the location of this file in the installation.

It turns out that the certificate file got replaced as part of the update. The version of this file in the backup I made earlier has a different size from the one that’s there now.

So, I make a backup of the new version, overwrite with the old version, and see what happens…

And the Software Gods Smiled Upon Me, and Behold! The System Now Worked. And It Was Magnificent. In that way in which everything is magnificent when it works right after you thought you were going to be there all night.

I guess I’ll have to go on a long walk after dinner to make up for the missed exercise tonight. I could do with the soothing evening air.

Day 81 – Weights and Measures

I blogged earlier about the FitBit Flex I got for my birthday, and it has been a tremendous help in monitoring my physical activity and my sleep. I tap it into sleep mode before I go to bed, and tap it awake in the morning, and then it tells me on my account exactly how restlessly I might have slept.

It was a revelation to discover that I didn’t sleep as much as I thought I did, and it has been a help in making me more aware of when I stay up too late or wake up too early (and how often it happens… it remembers everything!)

Today, I ordered the Aria scales made by FitBit as well. Basically the same principle applies; I step on the scales, they check weight and body fat, and then send all the details to my account for tracking.

So far, I have been successfully tracking my weight through manual entry, but $150 seemed like a small price to pay for the extra convenience for something I do daily.

2013-10-05 - Weight Graph

When I started tracking my weight I was at 87kg. I did some research to pick a target weight, and although BMI is a terrible measure for someone with the amount of muscle I have in my legs, the top-end of the healthy range is 76kg, which seems like a good target.

I set the weight target in my FitBit account at 75kg, but at least at the moment I’m going with the assumption I’ll allow for a reasonable band between 75-77kg. If I drop below 75kg, I need to eat more to get back above it, when I rise above 77kg, I need to watch what I eat. That should be manageable.

In my earlier post about weight I talked about the importance of weighing daily and not panicking over the bumps along the way.

When I look at my monthly graph I can tell exactly where Wednesday is.

Wednesday is our night with friends and food and board games. And we always eat more than we should. But we just don’t care… we’re such rebels!

Between my weight measurement on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning I typically gain about a kilo. Which I then lose again without any extra special effort over the following 2 days, because most of that extra snack-weight just doesn’t get absorbed by the body at all… it just… travels through, so to speak.

But as you can see in the image above, if you keep measuring every single day and only focus on the long-term trend, you’ll be less likely to lose heart. Despite the Wednesdays and other slips along the way, my graph has a fairly steady downward slope.

At the moment I’m at 82.8kg; when I pass through the 80kg marker I intend to have a little party to celebrate. Which will show up as a bump to 81kg the day after 😉

On the exercise-side of the equation, I’m still trying to rebuild a solid gym routine. At the moment I’m back to about 4-5 classes a week. I hope to end up with something like:

  • Mon – Weights in Pump class
  • Tue – Cycle class
  • Wed – Pilates Reformer
  • Thu – Weights in Pump class
  • Fri – Cycle class
  • Sat – … probably rest, maybe Pilates …
  • Sun – Yoga

I’ve found in the past that an even mix of strength, cardio and flexibility classes seems easiest to keep up week-on-week.

Day 35 – No More Holly-Days

Today is a sad day.

I found out that my Gym Buddy Holly (yes, I am totally writing this post for the chance to make bad puns alone) is likely going to give up her membership sometime in the near future. She has a perfectly good excuse of course. 😉 And I’m happy for her for the reason that caused it, but it’s still a sad day.

I really don’t mind going to the gym alone. I feel a little anti-social as-is because when I’m in a class I tend to focus very single-mindedly on the exercises. I’m not one of those chat-in-the-back-of-the-class types. But once I get comfortable around someone it’s hard to give up their company again.

I guess I’ll be back to solving problems in my head while lifting weights, running around, folding in half and balancing in awkward positions.

One more Thursday class to go to first though.

Better make it a good one! (I assume I will be aching all through my long weekend)

Day 13 – Reformed

I find it incredibly hard to re-build up to my gym routine when circumstance forces me into a few weeks away. I have only missed two weeks, but it feels much longer than that. And rebuilding from a lapse like that always feels like scaling a mountain.

My weights class last Thursday left my legs aching into the weekend. I may have been a bit over-enthusiastic as well.

Tonight I did a Pilates Reformer class, which involves a spring-loaded bed so that I can adjust the resistance as needed for a routine. And once again I think I’ve added a bit more resistance than I should have. But it feels great to sit slumped at the keyboard with no real desire to move. I’m just going to bask in this for a little while.

Day 9 – Exercise at Last

For the last two weeks I haven’t set foot in the gym.

First there was the week in Melbourne for work, which was both great and exhausting as always. I think I slept on average about 6 hours; between late-night note taking and writing and early morning meetings I think I allowed myself to get a little run down.

Which then leads straight into the second week where I was recovering from the RhinoWhatsitVirus that I picked up in Melbourne, but which apparently has gone around everywhere felling doctors and patients alike. (For some reason while writing my medical certificate, my doctor was very insistent on explaining about 3-4 times how he had been away from work due to the very same virus that everyone was suffering from. I wonder if perhaps he has an illicit fishing trip that he was trying to cover up with an over-abundance of evidence?)

Anyway, I have scheduled and cancelled evenings at the gym for the better part of two weeks.

And my absence from work last week meant there was so much to catch up on that I cancelled my gym visits earlier this week as well. Besides which, I needed time to keep to my blogging schedule for you, dear reader 😉 (The sacrifices I make!)

It was great being back at the gym today though.

Although I must admit, afterwards my descent down the stairs from the top floor was hampered by a little wobble in my lower legs. I think there must have been something in my water bottle. Perhaps a light sedative? I’m sure I’ll be fine in no time.

And then I got home and crashed on the lounge for a couple of hours of television.

And I feel great.

Thanks for asking!