Day 220 – Plans and Schemes

It’ll feel strange to have a weekend with no Wet’n’Wild in it.

This weekend I’ll be doing whatever I can to help with the bathroom renovations. I’m going slowly insane without a shower at home. If I start gibbering in the coming weeks you’ll know what’s going on.

There will also be a jigsaw in this weekend. A puzzle that is; family gatherings over puzzles are too far in the past. I get a bit OCD over puzzles, but it’s a great way to let the impulse run its course in a controlled environment. You might want to give it a try yourself.

And I’ll be making some ice cream.

Today I at long last handed Peter his winnings. I still need to work out when Sin has time to come over and make Port Pear Ice Cream with me.

But I also intend to work out what Carrot Cake Ice Cream is supposed to be, and make it. And I will be making Elderflower/Lime Ice Cream for Amelia.

Not sure what I’ll do with any left-over time.
If there is such a thing.

Also, I left my stray thought at work, so I’ll have to leave thinking it for Monday. I’m not going into work on the weekend to gather my thoughts.