Day 245 – Play Music

A tale of slowly lessening misery.

I thought my stiff neck and back would benefit from a good nights’ sleep. Instead I spent a night mostly flat on my back, because rolling over was just too painful to be worthwhile. I woke up worse than when I fell asleep.

Luckily I had decided despite my best hopes to book a session for my back this morning. But it quickly became clear that my hope to make it to the office by 10am was a slightly over-optimistic fantasy. And although I knew it was inevitable, it took me till about noon before I wistfully cancelled my gym class for the evening. Telling myself it’s for the best is cold comfort when between a Melbourne trip and this back I have done maybe 2-3 classes in the last two weeks.

So instead, I spent my day with heat packs, sitting as upright as I could in front of my laptop, letting the heat seep in and carefully stretching the range of the mobility in my neck. I can now do from almost over my left shoulder (with some pulling) to almost over my right (with some more pulling), and down almost touching my chin to my sternum. I should at least be able to sleep normally.

And I made myself “useful” by moving the last vestiges of important data around so that this laptop can feel like home.
And I moved all my tracks from Spotify into Google Music, and then changed over my subscriptions.

I really like the Google Music UI. It feels more useful for discovering stuff than Spotify ever was. And as a bonus I spent most of the day with music in my ears, which is a great way to forget about how useless I am right now.

Though for some reason, it has decided that my “I’m feeling lucky” radio station consists of classical music. I may have to re-train it a bit after I cleared out my previously uploaded tracks. Clearly the sheer volume has given it slightly the wrong impression of what best to surprise me with. Oh, wow… look at that… “Refresh Station” fixed it in one go. On to New Adventures!

Day 244 – Locked Up

It wasn’t too bad this morning. A little sore, but that’s not inconceivable when a massage has just gotten major knots out of my back/neck/shoulders. I joked a bit about feeling worse than before the massage and how backwards this progress felt to me.

I guess I knew I had to cancel my gym class during the departmental presentation by the CIO. I was sitting with my head swivelled to the right to watch the monitor for the video-conference… and I was resting it on my left arm. When I decided to have a look at the clock I felt twangs of pain as I gingerly moved my neck back to facing front on.

Okay. Like that is it?

I spent the rest of the working day being very careful not to put too much pressure on anything and to try and not tense up unduly. I bailed on the 5pm gym class. I went home and got Physiocreme’d, which was burning ice and a wonderful distraction. The rest of the evening has featured a lot of Poirot and heat packs around my neck. I don’t recall ever having had anything like this.

I wonder if a brief massage would do more good or harm at this stage. I may wait out the morning to decide though.