Day 28 – All Work and No Play…

I have no time for frivolity tonight… well, except for a quick bit of TV whilst having dinner and reading through some documents. Tonight I have to do some major prep-work for tomorrow.

I have a long meeting tomorrow morning with our help-desk to hear about their plans. They provided me with the documents I read earlier. I’m still not sure I approve of the noun “Learnings”, but I guess after using the words “Synergy” and “Value-add” more than occasionally myself lately, I guess I shouldn’t cast too many stones lest my beautiful glass house shatters.

Still… *grrr*

And now I’m back at my desk, facing some planning for a two short presentations I will be doing tomorrow. I have had the outline of my topics ready for some time. And I found the tools I need over the weekend.

I just need to flesh out the information that I need to get across and then time whether I can get through each of my topics within 10 minutes. I think it will be a case of ruthless cutting down to the bare-bones essentials.

Anyway; that work won’t do itself, so here I go!

Presentation Screen Recording

I am doing some research and preparation for some presentations I want to do at work and then record for later (re-)use.

I believe the gold standard is still TechSmith Camtasia, but that’s not exactly the cheapest product to set up. It looks like their other product, SnagIt, does an equally good job if only recording is needed, but it is still not free.

I think I’ll give the freeware CamStudio a try; it looks very bare-bones, but the recording quality seems to be pretty good. If smaller files are needed later, post-processing in Camtasia is still an option.

I also thought I’d find a countdown timer, because I have a terrible sense of time once I am presenting. I have dual monitors, so I could easily hide the timer on the second screen and then share the main screen.

There are lots of free timers, but I lean a little sceptical with regards to countdown timers that need 2.5MB to install. I mean… really? Strictly speaking Orzeszek Timer at 109kb is probably also a bit large, but it gives me a little more confidence that it’s probably nothing more than just a simple timer.

Tomorrow I’ll set some time aside for a practice run with all my tools and my topics. I bet I will have to do some refining before Wednesday.